Misha Cross

Added December 9, 2013

Misha Cross just loves to devour men with her hungry mouth and in this blowbang she takes on four cum-spurting cocks for a facial finale.

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Misha Cross


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Gabe - Perfectgonzo

This is a style of one of our sites - I'm sure you can find something for your taste as well ;)


Really don`t see the purpose of a nearly hour-long, blowjob-only scene . . . that ends with 4 useless, dribbly cums. . . But, that`s just me.


I like her tits. I have never been fond of fake tits. real tits, big or small is perfect!


Geez, what a sorry ending - 4 cumshots that total 2 tbsps of jism. . . If you`re doing a shoot for `Cum for cover`, please use some guys who CAN cum.


I want to see a line of men splattering her with loads of sperm and then rub it from her face and into her mouth,
and then slap her arse till its red raw.


Please more Cum for Cover!!!!! Nothing dirtier than a smoking hot babe like Mischa surrounded by cocks and getting cum drenched!!!!


WTF a Cum For Cover Update??? Keep 'em coming, I love this stuff. Misha Cross is extremely hot!!!!!


This is awesome update !! This girl is very hot great eye contact, nice job ! more movies like this, and lot of POV and swallow at the end !! Nice work ;) Keep Cum For Cover up !! ;)


YES!!!More cumforcover!!!!!

I've waited for YEARS for you guys to come back!!


You know, when I sat on Santa's lap this year he said, "get the fuck off of me". But before mall security to get me, I asked him for one thing. The gift I've wanted ever since I heard Perfect Gonzo was back in business. New Cum for Cover videos. Today, my friends, is the day. With PG's new attention to detail and a whole new crop of stunning girls, I was giddy with excitement. Misha Cross would not have been my first choice. She did not seem dirty enough to pull off a Cum for Cover video. I am happy to report that I was wrong. When the first slightly sexual move she does is stick her fingers in her mouth and pull it open (into what I lovingly call Predator-face) like she has a mouth full of cocks, you know you are in the right place. The practice round she does on the dildos is beautiful. Deep throat, tongue, and slobber are not just the names of my three kids, they are long lost friends on this website that has made a return. Now, I'm not going to lie, I think a woman with two cocks in her mouth, or anywhere for that matter, is fucking HOT. It not only conveys a certain level of nastiness (the good kind), but it also shows a creative and dominating side of a woman. Sure, it may blur some lines, but that's what makes it so awesome. I could go on, but thankfully, I won't. Misha takes her time showing off her cocksucking skills, which are great. The team, as I like to refer to them, goes through those old school Cum for Cover positions, such as, 'let's all lay down next to each other and have her work her way across us', or the 'lay on your back so we can line up and jam our cocks in your throat'. This time, however, it's in high-def with PG's new style of camerawork. The best part is when she is surrounded by cocks and has to deal with them. My only complaint, if I had to pick one, is why does she have to act so intense when sucking so many cocks. Gagging is cool and all, but true nastiness is showing that you enjoy being so dirty. You don't have to make your makeup run or punch out the back of your throat to be nasty. Just suck a bunch of cock, smile, beg for more, and you will be truly dirty. I'm like a perverted Yoda. Also suck two cocks at once, please. - Civlor


Super update beautiful Misha Cross drains four guys and I like really the final she's takes on four cum-spurting cocks for a great facial finale love it, great stuff.